re: politics

I ignored the news. I tried to at least. I didn’t want to see the hate and bigotry and the lies and I was so confused.

I didn’t know what to believe. I wanted to stay true to my values and true to my family. I cannot betray these principles that I and everyone I love have placed our faith in.

But staying true to my values, my deepest convictions, meant that I was wrong. I was wrong– I couldn’t ignore the news. I couldn’t ignore the pain, the tears, and the utter injustice in this world. Because the principle of love was forgotton. We love because He loved us, and we were not loving our neighbor.

Oh, how could we have deceived ourselves so long? We worship on Sunday mornings, proclaiming God’s love to the whole entire world, but we fail to act justly and love mercy. We will give our tithe and volunteer in our own safe and secure community, but we are afraid to speak to our dark skinned brother. We do this in the name of “national security”, the emblem of selfishness and self interest. We say it is responsible and wise; and while it is true that we need to be safe, it is a false hope. Is not every breath of air we take a gift from God itself? Every waking moment is spent by the grace of God. Life is temporal and our days are numbered. We, lacking in faith, do not trust that God will care for us. Do we really trust Him with our eternities?

I must have missed the passage in the Bible when Christ taught us to value our lives over another’s.

When did our own sense of false security become more important the life of a fellow child of God? My deepest convictions shouldn’t be polictical ideologies or economic principles, but a philosophy of love and dogma that mercy trumps justice every time.If we don’t have love, we are nothing.

Lord, have mercy. That’s all I can say. Lord, have mercy on me. I am a hypocrite. My community at home believes that I agree with them, and I am ashamed to tell them the truth. I do not want to be another self-righteous “liberal” college kid who comes home estranged from their upbringing and from the ones they love. My community here at college believes that I see eye-to-eye with them and that I always saw the truth, that I’m not confused. I know a Republican and a Democrat. They both respectively would say that I am a Republican and Democrat.

I didn’t lie, but I hid the truth. Because, maybe, I am not sure myself who I am. I do not want to pick a side. I want to choose love, every time, without knowing the price. Isn’t what what Jesus did? I want to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I want to love my neighbors. I want to love all my neighbors. Who are my neighbors? Jesus said, if anything, that our enemy is our neighbor. For, if we love our friend, what gain is that? But to love our enemy is a testament to God.

We enter this world the same way. We exit the world the same way. We cannot take anything for granted and we have nothing; we are nothing. We did nothing to deserve this life where everything is in sickening excess. We are not better, or smarter, or more hardworking, or more righteous than the millions of refugees fleeing war, violence, and terror. Terror. We do not understand nor can we pretend to understand the horror of the situation and the bigotry of our hearts.

We say it would be foolish to open our doors. But we are never going to be immune to evil. It is unsafe to live here in America. How much safer could we possibly be?

If we die, we die. Let us live and die as Christ commanded us to: in love.